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Early Settlers – Shadduck

In our historical collection we have a variety of materials. School reports are some of them. Here is an example.

The date is not noted on the report
Their notes are also in the file
This is a related newspaper article, from 1969
A tiny related newspaper clipping from the Advertiser, dated January 30th, 1886

12 Robinson North East, PA

Our historical files are full of records of houses. Today I am going to highlight just one.

Built by Andrew Knepp Sr. (Builder W. J. Smith)
12 Robinson St. Andrew Knepp Jr. April 1994
April 1992 12 Robinson St. Andrew Knepp – same family
Built by W.J. Smith c. 1906.
April 1994
Presented by William M. Knepp
A S. Knepp residence 12 Robinson St, North East, PA

More info plus other related homes.

12 Robinson St. A.S. Knepp
Also built W.O. Wing home corner of S lake (79 South Lake St) and Eagle St. on South side. Also corner of E. Main and Vine St. – torn down 1979/ Wallins Studio 27 E. Main St.

Stop in and see if you can find your house!

North East’s German POWs

Today we are going to take a look at our small town’s German POW camp.

We begin with the first notice that the camp is being set up. There is an interesting line here that reads, “…the younger Nazis are usually arrogant and still believe that Germany is winning the war. They refuse to believe that New York City has not been bombed and is now laying in ruins.”

Here is a fundraiser for the guards at the POW camp. (Also June 15th, 1944)

Pickers are coming in droves to pick the cherry crop. The POWs were also park of team tasked to pick the pitted fruit.

The great prison escape! They make a point to note that he does not speak English but it is okay to give him food.

The prisoner is apprehended.

Camp staff update.

The POWs strike.

Thank you for joining us for this fascinating look at North East history.

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