North East’s German POWs

Today we are going to take a look at our small town’s German POW camp.

We begin with the first notice that the camp is being set up. There is an interesting line here that reads, “…the younger Nazis are usually arrogant and still believe that Germany is winning the war. They refuse to believe that New York City has not been bombed and is now laying in ruins.”

Here is a fundraiser for the guards at the POW camp. (Also June 15th, 1944)

Pickers are coming in droves to pick the cherry crop. The POWs were also park of team tasked to pick the pitted fruit.

The great prison escape! They make a point to note that he does not speak English but it is okay to give him food.

The prisoner is apprehended.

Camp staff update.

The POWs strike.

Thank you for joining us for this fascinating look at North East history.

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